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Actress & Model




A former Italian gymnast and alpine ski champion, Amanda began performing confidently in front of large crowds since a very young age, including theatre performances in Italy. She further enhanced her acting skills with classes at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London

Amanda's professional experience includes independent feature films and short films amongst which an Amazon Prime Video release and several award nominations.

Additionally, she has been cast in numerous international commercials and corporate videos for global companies

Amanda is Norwegian and Italian, speaks fluent Norwegian, Italian and English and is comfortable enunciating different languages. She is especially adept at playing roles that require a variety of languages, including voice-overs




2020    From the Corner of My Eye

2020    The Looking Glass

2019    Question No.1: The Next Assignment*°
2019    Revenge

2019    Bonita
2019    Before I Leave

2019    Unmasked
2019    Arrangement of Loss
2019    White Girl*
2018    Question No.1*
2018    Skateboard Hero
2018    Taste
2018    Truth Is

2018    The Girl in the Red Jacket*
2018    The Choice
2018    Escape
2018    Leah

Anna (feature film)

Mercenary (feature film)

Miss Antaz (short)

Lisa (short)

Dr. Barbara Morden (short)

Kelly (short)

Psychologist (documentary)

Girlfriend (short)

Tourist (short)

Miss Antaz (short)

Victim (short)

Dulcia (short)

Sarah (short)

Businesswoman (short)

Doctor (short)

Stranger (short)

Bully (short)

Paul Harrison, Shot Positiv [filming]

Horace Chan, Cyber Theatre [post-production]

Jason Osayamen, Village Studios Films

Salim Akbar, MP Films

Salim Akbar, MP Films

Kupjazz, Kupjazz Films

Elodie Grenville, Ravensbourne

Carol Cheevers, Ravensbourne

Nadia Latif, Brett Webb

Jason Osayamen, Village Studios Films

Maria Olalla Del Valle, PuchiFilm S.L.

Benvinda Gomes, UWL

Florian Dieret, UWL

Jason Osayamen, Village Studios Films

Lucas Mulberry, Hertfordshire

Amy O’Brien, Staffordshire

Louis Reeves, Gloucestershire

*Award Nominated

°Amazon Prime Video

commercial work

2020    Acacia

2020    Unilever

2019    Fanta
2019    L'Oréal Professionnel

2019    American Express
2019    Interflora, Colt Corporate

2019    Betway

2019    Kurv
2019    Xalm

2019    Better Me App
2018    Bellillo Restaurant


Plastic Pictures

St Mark’s Studios

L'Oréal Group

Captive Minds



Kurv Ltd.

Auria Natural Ltd. 

PuchiFilm S.L. 

Bellillo Restaurant





(Financial Services)

(Flowers, Telecom)



(Home Product)



coRPORATE work

2019    Hoffmann-La Roche

2019    Aber Instruments

2019    MyHealth, Allianz

Flipside Group 
Atticus Creative 

Radu Stefan




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